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Hello, thanks for visiting. My name is Shelly Turner.

I believe in a warmer day, so I work for peace, justice, healing, and heart-full homecomings. I'm a visual artist, graphic designer, teacher, learner, and seeker. Books are the best, so I like to make them. Well, half egg grape day.


2019   my draw wings

2017   Give All Your Money Away! Seriously!

2016   Quiet Time

2015   H.A.K.A.S.

2014   What’s the Deal with Socks?

2014   Cherry

2014   Mud

2013   The Blue Book Appraisal Tool

2013   How to Build and Fly a Kite

2013   Before There Were Things

2012   Understanding Fall

2012   C.Y.B.S.W.A.D.P.E.

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